Reviews from Readers

“One of the most important books ever written.”

C. Heekin.

“I can’t explain it, but when I first held the book, “Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping,” in my hands I felt I was holding something very powerful. As I began to read the first few pages, the feeling was stronger.”

N.L., Loretto, Kentucky

“I was easily drawn into it, couldn’t put it down, convinced, convicted and I feel called with all my heart to join in with the crusade to get this book out to everyone who has an open heart.”

S.R, Yorkville, Illinois

“WOW! Not even Stephen King at his best (or worst??) sent a shutter up my spine as much as ”Look What Happened” did. To coin a phrase it is a real page turner. Halfway through I was ready to set up residence under my bed in hiding…Thank you for an incredible book. It is a real eye opener. It is a MUST read for anyone who loves our country and wants to put us back on the right road again.

J.Z., Jersey City, New Jersey

“…very scary!”

F.B., Milford, Ohio

August 6, 2008

I am halfway through “Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping”, and it is very insightful, just amazing how you precisely printed exactly what is going so wrong in our world and our own Christians not sticking up for what our own beliefs and rights are, especially the politicians who are mostly hypocrites. I am definitely going to purchase several copies and send them off to family and friends in our country to see for themselves, spread the “word” around and fight back and take God back into our country, and start observing the Lord’s Day, Sunday, with more respect! Wow!

Birmingham, Alabama

June 30, 2008

“Look What Happened etc., etc…” Excellent book! Timely information.

Sr. E.C.
Nanuet, New York

March 29, 2008

I just had to tell you how your book has interacted with my life. After being laid off last fall, I finally had time to start reading “Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping.” With each page, I became more and more alarmed. Many of the things you mentioned had been raised by Protestant ministers like Pat Robertson and James Dobson and conservative commentators like Glen Beck, but I took them with a grain of salt. Well, after the holidays I began to watch the primaries as my state of Texas was becoming very important as a decision state.

My husband has been elected to go to the state convention in June as an Alternate delegate and I will be going as a volunteer. I wish I could afford to send out a dozen of your books to key people during this election year. We have a lot of work ahead of us, just to keep what we already have and not lose more of our rights. We can no longer afford to be cowardly and silent. Thank you so much for the time and energy spent on compiling and sending us this valuable book.

God bless,

July 8, 2008

I have just finished re-reading “Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping.” I’ve quit working on Sunday and will make a general confession soon. We in Racine are a charter “sustainable community” and things are just as you describe in this book. We have few jobs, “in fill housing”, some rationing of food, communist, environmental-craziness, corporate controlled teaching in our Unified schools. The private schools are into “sustainability,” and I’ve seen “Smart Growth” pamphlets at City Hall and the Library. Two business people said that they are leaving the city because the sustainable development people micro-manage downtown business. Even the local homeless shelter has outcome-based programs in it. Caledonia does not allow new development in their village, and land is being placed in “conservancies”. The Dominican sisters have an “Eco-Justice Center” in Caledonia, to foster “healing of our wounded Earth." Water rationing is being planned by our water utility, and we’re getting “community cars” so that we can get rid of our own cars. I will spread the message to our local pastors about the Sunday commandment, and about your book. The next few years will be interesting!

Racine, Wisconsin

(Ex-Columban Seminarian – I left because of New Age teaching there!)

October 1, 2007

Thank you for the book “Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping.” I am 83 years old and it brought me back to my childhood when Sundays were truly the Lord’s Day. We had a mom and dad that was always there for us and life with God and family was good. Let us all hope, trust and pray that God will do something Great to turn our country and the world back to Him soon.

Derry New Hampshire

May 29, 2008

My wife and I obtained a copy of “Look What Happened…” The book was excellent!!! We were wondering if you have a catalog or a brochure of any other books that you have to offer, that we may purchase? It is getting harder and harder to find any good religious books.

Chicago, Illinois

May 27, 2008

“Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping” is a wonderful book. Do you think the Agenda 21, Sustainable, Smart Growth Development is known to our President? They should throw that UN out of our country. They should not be dictating their evil agendas on us.

W.& A.G.
Casselberry, Florida

July 16, 2008

Any chance Pope Benedict XVI would read and comment on this book, “Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping?” I pray all peoples, not just Catholics, read the book.

Hillman, Minnesota

January 2, 2008

I read your book, “Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping”. The person who wrote this book is saying the truth about this country and the world. God has to come back to the people. Sunday should be kept holy and all stores close.

Camilus, New York

July 27, 2008

I wish to thank you for writing the Book, “Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping.” I am now reading it for the third time, as I keep getting more and more out of it.


I thought I was a very good Catholic praying one half hour each morning before daily Mass, 15 minutes of prayer before Mass started and at least on hour daily before Our Lord in our adoration chapels around where we live. On Sundays I thought I was really keeping the Sabbath by my usual morning prayer, Mass, delivering communion to the sick at a nursing home, then back to the adoration chapel for 1-½ hours. In the evening at a parish close by, I spent another holy hour praying for vocations.

However, I would watch 6-½ hours of pro football during the football season on Sundays and on occasion eat out. I was a football addict. Then I read your book. Boy, did it convict me of not really observing the Sabbath. I prayed for the strength to turn off the TV on Sundays. I started last fall…didn’t watch a game the entire season-not even the Super Bowl. It’s amazing! I now could care less about pro football. My 6-½ hours of time on Sundays are spent reading and listening to religious tapes. I believe it’s giving my spiritual life a quantum jump.

Centennial, Colorado

P.S. Oh yes, the knowledge you present in this book is incredible. I acquired six more copies and gave them to some of our children and others. As soon as I can afford it, (I am retired and living on fixed income) I’ll buy some more to pass out. Every Catholic should read this book.

July 23, 2007

I have just finished reading your book, “Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping.” It is an awesome, shocking and life-changing book! It needs to be read by every God fearing Christian in this country! My husband and I have begun observing the Sabbath as we now know we should and have noticed a change for the good already in our lives. Please send four more of these books to us. Thank you for your co-operation with our Good Lord for producing such a marvelous book that has the power to change our country back to solid Christian principles.

Jacksonville, Florida

June 2, 2007

Still reading the excellent book, “Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping.” It’s phenomenal! I certainly can see how this could all come about! Our Supreme Court has seemingly shackled Christianity instead of government. The erosion of the family can certainly be laid at the doorstep of the courts along with our country! Thank God for the foresight to print this book and get it out into the hands of the citizens.

Whiting, New Jersey

June 11, 2007

Clear and convincing so far! The “global warming” section is worth the price itself.

Cedar Grove, Wisconsin
June 12, 2007

I am appreciative of your eye opening book, “Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping.” It confirms my suspicions about “Global Warming.” Keep up the enlightening literature. You are “a voice crying in the wilderness.” I will give others this great book.

Lombard, Illinios

June 11, 2007

Thank you for everything you wrote in “Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping.” As one of thousands of refugees from communistic country of Slovenia, I see the darkness that is coming over us and agree with you in your writings. Satan has so much power through TV and internet and many other ways!

Cleveland, Ohio

July 10, 2007

I’m most impressed with your new book, “Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping.” Have passed it on and will continue to make known this message. Thank you for your insightful U.S. historical reflections and research. God love and bless your tremendous time and effort expended to reveal this truth.

Greeley, Colorado

July 12, 2007

Thank you so very much for your book, “Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping.” I enjoyed it so much. It has been an inspiration to me and has answered many questions I have had about the things going on in our country. I have passed the book on with much encouragement to read it completely and I intend to continue to buy more as I can afford them to give to my sons and others. You are so right and I’m sure you must have been inspired by God to write this. Enclosed is my order for one of many I hope to buy.

Cincinnati, Ohio

July 2, 2007

Your book, “Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping” is excellent. I ran the gamut of emotions reading and meditating on it. I will start my second reading soon. I’ve already asked my favorite Christian book store to order it. It all seems very clear to me what you have received in the power of the Holy Spirit. I know exactly what you are saying about what is being taught in public schools and it is all true. I’m gathering a list of people to give a copy to. I do love this book. As of this writing my list is five and growing. I will buy them from my favorite bookstore. They just called to let me know my books are in. They ordered 12 and with God’s help there will be many more. Enough, I must get back to my second reading…

New Orleans, Louisiana

May 15, 2007

This is an excellent book. Please send a re-order form.

Clearwater, Florida

June 14, 2007

Many thanks for the book “Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping”, also the two copies I ordered to give away. I gave one to one of my sons who read it in two days. He said he couldn’t put it down. He passed it on to his daughter and she wanted more information since this was all new to her. I am still reading your book every chance I get. I am SO into it that my mind keeps wandering with thoughts of how to pass all this information on to EVERYONE! My first step is to pass the books on to someone else and asking them to please pass it on to another person to read. I believe that they will have the same urge I have—to pass this book on to everyone they know. What an eye opener!!! How did we let this happen??? I wish you could send a copy to all of our leading Presidential candidates to read, before the upcoming elections! I am having a problem trying to decide who to share this book with first! SO many come to mind. I am placing another order for two more copies, and when finances allow, I’ll order another two, and give each one to someone else. THIS BOOK HAS TO GET OUT NATIONALLY!!! Glory and praise to God who has blessed you with a very special task and you are definitely fulfilling His call!

Roseville, California

June 21, 2007

Thanks for your wake-up book, “Look What Happened…” Yes, America and the world need a good shaking.

Wenatchee, Washington

June 29, 2007

I can’t explain it but, when I first held the book, “Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping,” in my hands, I felt I was holding something very powerful. As I began to read the first few pages the feeling was stronger. I kept telling my friends that I was reading a book that I believed would be the most important book in the world at present outside of the Bible. This book is definitely a book that needs to be absorbed. It is awesome how the Holy Spirit inspired the research and the time spent on these pages. It is well done. It should open a lot of minds and hearts to conversion and hopefully a flow of change in our country, and the world. Just wanted to thank you since I first started this book.

Loretto, Kentucky

June 19, 2007

I finished reading “Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping”. I am reading it again. It’s shocking to learn of all that is taking place without knowing it. Thank you for all your research and hard work in getting this material written and out to us.


June 15, 2007

Many thanks for all you do. The book (“Look What Happened…”) is marvelous! Sean Hannity should get a copy of this book…also Bill O’Reilly! They talk about all these terrible things that are happening!

J.& H.N.
Lafayette, Louisiana

May 28, 2007

I have been halted at the 4th chapter of your book “Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping” as my 18 year old son Kevin said he’d read it. As much as I want to keep reading—I am praying that he is reading it in his room at night.

Yorkville, Illinois

June 18, 2007

I’m reading the book “Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping”. I find nothing but truth. I see these things happening every day. I love the book and will write more when I finish it.

Jeffersonville, Indiana

June 12, 2007

I am slowly reading “Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping.” What a book! I am on page 340 and agree with all that it says.. I am ordering three for my family.

Toledo, Ohio

June 16, 2007

Wish I had the money to give everyone the book. It is an eye-opener.

Cincinnati, Ohio

June 15, 2007

Thank you for the book, “Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping.” I am still reading it. It has a powerful message. May the Lord bless this great endeavor.

Sr. C.M.
New Ipswich, New Hampshire

June 15, 2007

I was overjoyed to receive “Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping.” I’ve read the chapter titles and am about to begin to read the book once I have completed a two-day fast in preparation. We are blessed to work with you all to keep us so informed on what we should be doing for God. Thank you.

Beacon, New York

June 18, 2007

Thank you for the book “Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping.” I am enjoying reading it but am shocked at what I am reading. It is a scary world. Hope it brings more people to their knees.

Lansing, Michigan

July 25, 2007

I have been reading the book “Look What Happened…” It is an eye-opener and soon I hope to order some books to give to others. Anyone with common sense can understand that what’s written in the book is how things are, and we have to become motivated to save our country, our freedom that we love, and remain in God’s grace. God bless you for all you do for our country.

Norfolk, Nebraska

June 14, 2007

I haven’t finished reading “Look What Happened…” yet, but as far as I did get, I started writing letters to people I thought would get the book. My faith is the book will save us.

Tempe, Arizona

June 7, 2007

I miss reading because my vision is poor. My daughter read your book “Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping” to me. It’s an awakening to all readers. You can’t put the book down. (I wish you) lots of success.

Ruskin, Florida

June 26, 2007

No time to write much—still reading the book, “Look What Happened…”—things my Dad knew. He should be the patron saint of spreading the book.

Okauchee, Wisconsin

July 30, 2007

“Look What Happened…” was excellent and informative. What I’ve read inspires me to get more to send to family and friends!

Collinsville, Illinois

June 7, 2007

EXCELLENT BOOK! I’ve already ordered two more as a start.

Rockford, Illinois

July 9, 2007

Thank you so much for your wonderful book, “Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping.” It’s a big eye opener. It’s what the world needs at this time. God bless the one who wrote it, with a special blessing to him, his family and everyone else who was involved in it. I wish I could order more of the wonderful book, but I will share the one I do have with others.

Olmsted, twp, Ohio

July 28, 2007

Thank you so much for the recent published book, “Look What Happened…” It is so enlightening.

Sr. W.M.
Grass Valley, California

July 18, 2007

Enclosed is a check for the book “Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping.” I hope to get my kids to read it. It is an eye opener. God bless you.

J.& L.H.
Cincinnati, Ohio

July 11, 2007

I must say again, thank you for “Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping.” I’ve completed the first five chapters. I find that I must reread and reread. How blessed we are in having you who is so will tuned that you are able to refresh our memories and open our eyes. I thank God for you.

Sr. S.M.
Portland, Maine

July 10, 2007

I am so excited about this book, “Look What Happened…” It is so appropriate for our terrible times we now live in! A wake-up call for all of us to do more!! We have been so-o-o blessed! And God has been so patient with us! I’ve passed mine on to a family member to read. The other four I ordered I have given to some of my prayer group friends. Pray for us as we pray for you and your success doing God’s work.

Travis City, Michigan

July 14, 2007

Sold our last order of 20 “Look What Happened…” in one week!

House of Carmel
Religious Goods and Books
Denver, Colorado

July 10, 2007

Please send 5 more copies of that GREAT book “Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping.”

Awake in New Orleans!

July 31, 2007

I’m reading “Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping”—what an eye opener. WOW! Great book.

Omaha, Nebraska

July 24, 2007

Excellent book! I will help you spread the word. Please send me 5 more copies.

New Milford, Connecticut

July 30, 2007

I’m writing to express my thoughts and feelings on your book, “Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping.” Wow! Great!! I thought to mail this newspaper clipping to you. Amazing, I was finished or almost finished with your book when I came upon this notice for the Town of Albany portion of my local paper about developing a Land Use Plan or Smart Growth plan for their community.

Pepin, Wisconsin

July 11, 2007

Speaking of your wonderful book, “Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping,” what an eye-opener. All the things we would not know or even hear of from the biased media.

Chester, Pennsylvania

July 11, 2007

Thanks so much for the copy of the much needed book, “Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping.” I’m more than halfway through it and have ordered six additional copies. Next week, I will hopefully be able to order six more, as I have just two copies left!

Kendallville, Indiana

December 2, 2007

“Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping” is a book that I could not put down. It truly was inspired by the Holy Spirit.


Metairie, Louisiana

October 26, 2007

What an incredible, beautiful, awesome book. (Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping).

Phoenix, Arizona

March 26, 2008

I am sending a donation because I have a teenager who wants some “Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping Books” to give to his teachers at his school.

St. Peters, Missouri

July 25 2007

I’m half way through “Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping.” I know it has awaken me to many things we take as okay. Especially the Sabbath day!

Howard, Illinois




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